Special Projects


SPECIAL PROJECTS Background The banking and investment expo focuses on the banking sector. The aim is to raise financial literacy awareness through the use of banking and the services offered for the benefit of the public. We will be looking at the benefits of opening investments accounts and the differently tailored services that are offered …

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Property Week

SPECIAL PROJECTS Background Property expo is an exhibition of the property industry and all its stakeholders like the property buyers, sellers, lawyers, architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. The exhibition will focus on how the different stakeholders merge and the impact they have in the property sector. It will create a networking platform between the different …

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ICT Week

SPECIAL PROJECTS Background The ICT expo is the showcasing of all technology devices and the strides that have been made by leading ICT company’s and brands. The expo aims to introduce the public to new devices and technical system through a first-hand experience from a variety of stakeholders. This will also allow for interaction between …

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